The body of Hydra is

A. asymmetrical

B. symmetrical

C. bilaterally symmetrical

D. radially symmetrical

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  1. Which one of the following is a coelenterate ?
  2. Aside from a three chambered heart, reptiles are characterised by the presence of
  3. Diploblastic body with cellular grade of organisation and cellular mesogloea is characteristic of
  4. Correct statement is :
  5. Hair of bat and feathers of pigeon are
  6. Which of the following is represented by the largest number of species ?
  7. Which of the following animals has a ventral nerve cord
  8. Most important characteristic of the mammal is the presence of
  9. True fishes possess gills and fins. Which of the following is not a true fish ?
  10. Which of the group has no member having gliding or flying appendages ?
  11. A suctorial mouth is present in
  12. The generic name of peacock is
  13. A cuttle fish belongs to
  14. Ophiosaurus commonly known as glass snake is a
  15. The respiratory organs of crustaceans are
  16. Platyhelminthes are called
  17. Cephalisation is a characteristic feature of
  18. One of the following is considered as a living and connecting link between Annelida and Arthropoda:
  19. The main basis of classification of Protozaoa is
  20. Which of the following groups of characters is present in all chordates in some or other stage in their…
  21. Limulus, the king-crab, is the only living representative of the order xiphosura belonging to the phylum
  22. Exclusively marine chelones are known as
  23. Taxon is the
  24. Sea horse is a
  25. Echis carinata is known as
  26. Honey-bees belong to the phylum arthropoda and class
  27. Archaeopteryx called a connecting link, carried the characters, of
  28. A reptile with a four-chambered heart is
  29. Which of the following is a matching set of the class and some of its main distinguishing features?
  30. The locust is