The curve between current and frequency is termed as

A. Voltage curve

B. Gain curve

C. Power curve

D. Resonance curve

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  1. The ratio of W/VA in an ac circuit means
  2. A real current source has
  3. A three-by-threea series-parallel matrix of resistorsa all having the same ohmic valuea would have a…
  4. Two capacitors of capacitance 9 F and 18 F in series will have a total capacitance of
  5. An inductive load always has a ___ power factor
  6. Which of the following is neither a basic physical law nor deliverable from one?
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  8. When the power factor of a circuit is zeroa
  9. The hot resistance of an incandescent lamp is about ___ times its cold resistance.
  10. Which waveform in which the rms value and the mean value are equal?
  11. The curve between current and frequency is termed as
  12. What refers to such work at very low temperaturesa near absolute zero?
  13. At parallel resonancea the currents flowing through L and C are
  14. The second strip of an electronic resistor color-code represents
  15. Delta to wye or wye to delta transformation technique is applied to a ___ network.
  16. Which of the following capacitors are used only in dc circuits?
  17. When voltage is applied across a ceramic dielectric the electrostatic field p roduced is 50 times greater…
  18. In liquids and gasesa ionization current results from a flow of
  19. Which one of the following elements serves as a protection against overload?
  20. The charging of a capacitor through a resistance obeys
  21. The voltage lags the current by cycle in a
  22. A capacitive load always has a ______ power facto
  23. Which is considered as the effect of a dielectric material?
  24. Another term for superconductor.
  25. If voltage across the plates of 2 F capacitor is increased by 4 Va then charge on the plates will
  26. What value of R is needed with a 0.05 F Cfor an RCtime constant of 0.02 s?
  27. If three 100-pF capacitors are connected in seriesa then the total capacitance is
  28. What is the rms value of a square wave?
  29. What is the time constant for L of 240 mH in series with R of 20 ?
  30. An inductive circuit of resistance 16.5 and inductance of 0.14 H takes a current of 25 ?. if the frequency…