The emission of electrons from hot bodies is called

A. Radiation effect

B. Edison effect

C. Skin effect

D. Half effect

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  1. What solid has no defined crystal structure except perhaps in the arrangement of the nearest neighboring…
  2. A negatively charge body has
  3. The current of electric circuit is analogous to which quantity of a m
  4. If a 20 V potential is applied across a relay coil with 50 turns having 1 ? of resistancea the total…
  5. What determines the atomic number of an element?
  6. The net electrical charge in an isolated system remains constant. This is known as
  7. If the value of 25 a conductor is 1/255 per oCa then the value of 20is
  8. The potential at a point due to a charge is 15 V. If the distance is times, the potential at the point…
  9. The phenomenon by which a subtracts pieces of iron
  10. Permeability means
  11. The magnetic energy stored in an inductor is ______ current.
  12. The total number of magnetic lines of force in a magnetic field is called
  13. What type of bond is formed when there exists some form of collective interactions between the (negatively…
  14. Which of the following is a diamagnetic material?
  15. What is the relative permittivity of air?
  16. The unit of electrical energy is
  17. The diameter of a hydrogen atom is approximately ______ cm.
  18. The mass of proton is __________ the mass of an electron.
  19. Who developed the electromagnetic theory of light in 1862?
  20. Which of the following is used by temporary magnets as the magnetic material?
  21. Magnetic effects of the earth as a huge magnet with north and south poles.
  22. Whenever a conductor cuts magnetic fluxa an emf is induced in it. This is known as
  23. Magnetic intensity is a
  24. The contribution to the ionization in an ionization chamber by electrons liberated from t he walls.
  25. The phenomenon by which a magnetic substance becomes a magnet when it is place near a magnet
  26. The B-H curve for ________ is a straight line passing through the origin.
  27. What is the unit of reluctance?
  28. Defined as a closed path in which magnetic induction or flux flows
  29. Permeance of a magnetic circuit is _________ the cross-sectional area of the circuit.
  30. The force between two magnetic poles is _____ their poles strength.