The evaporation of electrons from a heated surface is called

A. Radiation

B. Convection

C. Thermionic emission

D. Conduction

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  1. If the number of valence electrons of an atom is more than 4a the substance is called
  2. One oersted (Oe) is equivalent to _____ Gb/cm.
  3. One coulomb of charge consists of ________ electrons.
  4. In electro-mechanical conversion devices like generators and motors the reason why a small air gap is…
  5. A negatively charge body has
  6. The unit of flux is _____ in cgs system.
  7. ______ is an electromagnet with its core in the form of a close magnetic ring.
  8. Gases whose particles are charged are known as
  9. The B-H curve for ________ is a straight line passing through the origin.
  10. Who discovered superconductivity in 1911?
  11. If you hold the conductor with right hand so that the stretched thumb points in the direction of the…
  12. If the value of 25 a conductor is 1/255 per oCa then the value of 20is
  13. What is the cgs unit of magnetomotive force?
  14. What is the SI unit of specific resistance or resistivity?
  15. Hysteresis is a phenomenon of _________ in a magnetic circuit.
  16. The temperature coefficient of resistance of eureka is
  17. What is the relative permittivity of air?
  18. What is the unit of magnetomotive force?
  19. Electric potential is a _______ quantity.
  20. The magnetic flux of 2000 lines is how many Maxwells?
  21. The magnetic materials should have a large hysteresis loss for one of the following applications.
  22. The electric flux density is a ________ quantity.
  23. Flux linkages equals
  24. Who discovered that a current-carrying conductor would move when placed in a magnetic field?
  25. Electric lines of force leave or enter the charge surface at an angle of
  26. The science of adapting electronics to aerospace flight.
  27. What determines the value of the temperature coefficient of resistance of a material?
  28. The ability of a material to conduct magnetic flux through it.
  29. The reluctance of a magnetic circuit is not dependent on which of the following?
  30. The emf induced in a coil due to the changing current of another neighboring coil is called