The expression (x == y && a<b) is true If either x == y is true or a<b is true.

A. True

B. False

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  1. Frames and applets cannot be used together in the same program.
  2. The length of a string object 's1' can be obtained using the expression s1.length.
  3. Java is fully object oriented programme.
  4. It is an error if a class with one or more abstract methods is not explicitly declared abstract.
  5. Which exception is thrown by the read() method of InputStream class?
  6. We can over load methods with differences only in their return type.
  7. Given the codeString s = new String("abc");Which of the following calls are valid?
  8. We would like to make a member of a class visible in all subclasses regardless of what package they…
  9. In evaluating a logical expression of type 'Boolean expression 1&& Boolean expression 2', both the Boolean…
  10. Session bean
  11. When present, package must be the first no comment statement in the file.
  12. Consider the following class definition.Class Student extends String{}What happens when we try to compile…
  13. A package is a collection of
  14. Any method in a supper class can be over ridden in its subclass.
  15. EJBs can be of the following type(s)None of the above
  16. Which of the following will produce a value of 22 if x=22.9:
  17. Which of the following statements are valid array declarations?
  18. Which of the following methods can be used to draw the outline of a square?
  19. All methods in an abstract class must be declared abstract.
  20. Which of the following methods belong to the String class?
  21. Objects are passed to a method by use of call-by-reference.
  22. When X is a positive number the operations x>> 2 and x>>>2 both produce the same result.
  23. A variable declared inside the for loop control can not be referenced out side the loop.
  24. The default case is always required in the switch selection structure.
  25. For all insert, update, delete, query operations on a database, ResultSet object creation is mandatory.
  26. Consider the following code snippet: try {int x=0; int y=50/x; System.out.println("Division by zero");…
  27. Which of the following keywords are used to control access to a class member?
  28. Which of the following command lines options generates documentation for all classes and methods?
  29. executeUpdate automatically updates data because___________
  30. When we implement an interface method, it should be declared as public.