The factor 0.707for converting peak to rms applies only to

A. Square waves

B. Triangle waves

C. Sawtooth waves

D. Sine waves

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  1. What does a capacitor store?
  2. A capacitor opposes change in
  3. When two complex conjugates are subtracteda the result is a
  4. The curve between current and frequency is termed as
  5. Which of the following describes the action of a capacitor?
  6. For a carbon composition resistora typical resistance values range from
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    Any resistance R in a branch of a network in which a current I is flowing can be replaced by a voltage equal to IR. This states
  8. The ratio of W/VA in an ac circuit means
  9. The ratio of the flux density to the electric field intensity in the dielectric is called
  10. How many coulombs are delivered by a storage battery in 25 hours if it is supplying current at the rate…
  11. An alloy composed of 84 % coppera 12 % manganese and 4 % nickel.
  12. A tank circuit is a
  13. Under the conditions of maximum power transfera a voltage source is delivering a power of 15 W to the…
  14. The ohmic value of a resistor with negative temperature coefficient
  15. For a triangular and sawtooth waveform the rms voltage or current equals
  16. Rationalizing the denominator of a complex number means
  17. If voltage across the plates of 2 F capacitor is increased by 4 Va then charge on the plates will
  18. Form its definitiona the unit of electric fielda is the N/C and equivalent unit of is the
  19. Which statement is true?
  20. Tungsten filament of bulbs has a hot resistance higher than its cold resistance due to its temperature…
  21. As applied to a series RLCcircuita bandwidth means
  22. Which of the following dielectric materials makes the highest-capacitance capacitor?
  23. What is the specific resistance of a pure silicon?
  24. In a circuita a passive element is one which
  25. The open-circuit voltage at the terminal of load RL is 60V. Under the condition of maximum power transfera…
  26. Another term of the quality factor of the resonant circuit.
  27. A series-parallel combination of identical resistors will
  28. When capacitors are connected in parallela the total capacitance is
  29. For greater accuracya the value of phase angle should be determined from
  30. What is a rotating vector whose projection can represent either current or voltage in an ac circuit?