The force between two magnetic poles is _____ their poles strength.

A. equal to

B. directly proportional to

C. inversely proportional to

D. directly proportional to the square root of

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  1. The straight line passing through the two poles of magnet is called
  2. What solid has no defined crystal structure except perhaps in the arrangement of the nearest neighboring…
  3. Three charges of +5 Ca -6 C and +9 C are placed inside a sphere. What is the total flux passing through…
  4. Permeance of a magnetic circuit is _________ the cross-sectional area of the circuit.
  5. The potential at a point due to a charge is 15 V. If the distance is times, the potential at the point…
  6. If the solenoid is gripped by the right hand with the fingers pointing the direction of current flowa…
  7. Which of the following materials has the highest dielectric strength?
  8. The permeability of a material having a flux density of 5 Wb/m^2 is 10^-5 H/m. What is the value of…
  9. Electric field intensity is measured in
  10. The force between two magnetic poles varies with the distance between them. The variation is ______…
  11. If the magnetic material is located within a coil through which alternating current (60 Hz frequency)…
  12. The total number of magnetic lines of force in a magnetic field is called
  13. The contribution to the ionization in an ionization chamber by electrons liberated from t he walls.
  14. Back emf refers to the
  15. What is the SI unit of conductance?
  16. Who demonstrated that there are magnetic effects around every current-carrying conductor and that current-carrying…
  17. Electromotive force in a circuit
  18. Hysteresis loss can be reduced by one of the following.
  19. What is the measure of the density and sign of the electric charge at a point relative to that at some…
  20. The permeability of permalloy is
  21. Electric lines of force leave or enter the charge surface at an angle of
  22. The point in a magnet where the intensity of magnetic lines of force is maximum
  23. Electric potential is a _______ quantity.
  24. The magnetic flux of 2000 lines is how many Maxwells?
  25. What is the main advantage of temporary magnets?
  26. One farad equals
  27. Residual magnetism refers to the flux densitya which exists in the iron core when the magnetic field…
  28. What determines the value of the temperature coefficient of resistance of a material?
  29. The magnetic field of a bar magnet most closely resembles the magnetic field of
  30. When the ferromagnetic substance is inserted in a current- carrying solenoida the magnetic field is