The induced emf in a wire loop that is moved parallel to a uniform magnetic field is

A. Zero

B. Dependent on the area of the loop

C. Dependent on the shape of the loop

D. Dependent on the magnitude of the field

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  1. Formed when there exist distant electronic interactions between (opposite) charges present in the neighboring…
  2. The resistance of a material is ____________ its area of cross-section.
  3. Permeance of a magnetic circuit is _________ the cross-sectional area of the circuit.
  4. One of the common application of an air- cored choke.
  5. The B-H curve of ________ is not a straight line.
  6. Hydrogen is an example of a _____ material.
  7. If the value of 0 a conductor is 1/234 per oCa then the value of 18is
  8. States that the ratio of the thermal conductivity is proportional to the absolute temperature for all…
  9. Electric lines of force leave or enter the charge surface at an angle of
  10. What is the cgs unit of magnetomotive force?
  11. What is the SI unit of magnetic flux?
  12. The emf induced in a coil due to the changing current of another neighboring coil is called
  13. Steel is hard to magnetize because of its
  14. If the value of 25 a conductor is 1/255 per oCa then the value of 20is
  15. The permeability of permalloy is
  16. A theorem which states that an electric current flowing in a circuit produces a magnetic field at external…
  17. A principle that states that only two electrons with different spins are allowed to exist in a given…
  18. Temporary magnets are commonly employed in
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    If the resistance of a material 2 m long and 2 m^2 in area of cross-section is 1.6 10^-8 ?a then its resistivity is
  20. The point in a magnet where the intensity of magnetic lines of force is maximum
  21. The property of magnetic materials of retaining magnetism after withdrawal of the magnetizing force…
  22. A group of magnetically aligned atoms is called
  23. What is the SI unit of conductivity?
  24. Which of the following materials has the highest dielectric strength?
  25. The emf produced in a wire by its motion across a magnetic field does not depend upon the
  26. Two similar polesa each 1Wba placed 1 m apart in air will experience a repulsive force of
  27. The magnetic field around the conductor is determined by the
  28. What is the SI unit of conductance?
  29. Magnetic effects of the earth as a huge magnet with north and south poles.
  30. Core materials of a good relay have _________ hysteresis loop.