The life cycle of Plasmodium in human blood is called

A. schizogony

B. syngamy

C. exo-erythro cytic schizogony

D. sporogony

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  1. In Paramecium, proteins are digested
  2. The digestive enzymes in Paramecium are secreted in
  3. Schizont stage in the life cycle of malarial parasite occurs in
  4. The sexual phase of life cycle of Plasmodium is completed in
  5. Incubation period of Plasmodium vwax is about
  6. The mode of life of Plasmodium in man and mosquito respectively is
  7. The shivering, a characteristic symptom of malaria, occurs when
  8. Entamoeba gingivalis is a parasite in the
  9. Trypanosoma gambiense inhabits the human body in the
  10. Protozoa which completely lack trophj organelles are classifed under
  11. Alternation of generations is otherwise known as
  12. The trophozoite of Plasmodium lives in
  13. Amoeba secretes digestive enzymes to hydrolyse
  14. Under unfavourable conditions, the Amoeba reproduces by
  15. The intermediate host of malarial parasite is
  16. If an Amoeba is placed in salt water, its contractile vacuole will
  17. Inoculation in malaria is out of question because
  18. The path followed by a food vacuole in Paramecium is referred to as
  19. The cilia in Paramecium are
  20. The oriental sores in human skin are caused by
  21. Nuclear dimorphism is observed in
  22. Oocyst of Plasmodium develops from
  23. The ecological niche of Entamoeba histolytica is
  24. In an electric field, the Paramecium moves
  25. Nitrogenous wastes in Amoeba are expelled through
  26. The process of reconstitution of macro-nulceus in Paramecium without any change in micro-nucleus is…
  27. Which of the following is a correct matching ?
  28. Asexual reproduction during schizogony of malarial parasite is a kind of
  29. Trypanosoma shows the phenomenon of
  30. The infective stage of Entamoeba histolytica is