The maximum zoom percentage in Microsoft PowerPoint is

A. 1

B. 2

C. 4

D. 5

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  1. PowerPoint can display data from which of the following add-in software of MS-Office
  2. Which of the following bypasses the print dialog box when printing individual slides or an entire presentation?
  3. Which menu provides you options like Animation Scheme, custom Animation, Slide Transition?
  4. How we can put a Chart in the presentation using PowerPoint ?
  5. To create a PowerPoint presentation from a template
  6. To select all of the boxes of an organization chart
  7. Which PowerPoint view works best for adding slide transitions ?
  8. To edit the text within the boxes of an organization chart, you
  9. Which of the following presentation elements can you modify using the slide master?
  10. Which of the following allow you to select more than one slide in a presentation?
  11. PowerPoint 2000 has....... Number of views
  12. Microsoft PowerPoint is a
  13. You have got a bunch of digital holiday photo you want to put into a slide show. What the quickest method?
  14. How can we view slide show repeated continuously ?
  15. Which of the following is/are true about rulers and guides?
  16. Objects on the slide that hold text are called
  17. Which PowerPoint view works best for adding slide transitions ?
  18. Line spacing refers to
  19. Which file format can be added to a PowerPoint show ?
  20. To make a selection of slides on our presentation, use a different design template from the other slides,…
  21. To add a new row to a table you would
  22. You can tell when an object is active because
  23. In slide layout panel how many layouts are available for text layout by default?
  24. You can edit an embedded organization chart object by ?
  25. Which of the following features allows you to view slides in a slide show without manually advancing…
  26. Which key do you press to check spelling ?
  27. The size of an organization chart object
  28. You have customized a design template in one presentation and you want to use it in another presentation.…
  29. Which of the following features should you use when typing in the notes text box?
  30. Which of the following is the default page setup orientation for notes pages, outlines and handouts?