The Q-factor of a parallel resonant circuit is also known as

A. Voltage magnification factor

B. Current magnification factor

C. Gain magnification factor

D. Resonance magnification factor

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  1. A capacitor opposes change in
  2. If three 100-pF capacitors are connected in seriesa then the total capacitance is
  3. For parallel capacitorsa total charge is
  4. A tank circuit is a
  5. A capacitive load always has a ______ power facto
  6. The maximum power transfer theorem is used in
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    Any resistance R in a branch of a network in which a current I is flowing can be replaced by a voltage equal to IR. This states
  8. Which of the following is the peakiest?
  9. What is the rms value of a square wave?
  10. For a triangular and sawtooth waveform the rms voltage or current equals
  11. What is the temperature coefficient of the resistance Eureka?
  12. Leakage resistance in a capacitor results into
  13. The admittance of a parallel RLC circuit is found to be the ___ sum of conductance and susceptances.
  14. What is the value of a carbon composition resistor with the following color code: Browna whitea orangea…
  15. A series-parallel combination of identical resistors will
  16. Conventional flow assumes charges flow from
  17. Which waveform in which the rms value and the mean value are equal?
  18. The rms value of a triangular or sawtooth waveform is ___ tim value.
  19. If two resistances of 9 and 6 are connected in parallela the total resistance is
  20. The value of temperature coefficient ( ) is dependent upon
  21. Which of the following dielectric materials makes the lowest-capacitance capacitor?
  22. In a rectangular wavea the form factor is
  23. Transient period is considered over after
  24. What is the peak factor of a triangular wave?
  25. The power factor of a certain circuit in which the voltage lags behind the current is 80 %. To increase…
  26. The power factor of a circuit is equal to
  27. The reason why electrical appliances are connected in parallel.
  28. The reason why electrical appliances are not connected in series.
  29. If resonant frequency is 10 kHz and quality factor is 50a then
  30. In an ac circuit with XL and R in seriesa the