The temperature-resistance coefficient of pure gold is



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  1. VL= VCin a series RLCcircuit when
  2. Which of the following is a disadvantage of a wire-wound resistor?
  3. What value of R is needed with a 0.05 F Cfor an RCtime constant of 0.02 s?
  4. In a pure capacitancea
  5. Which of the following capacitors are used only in dc circuits?
  6. When current and voltage arte in phase in an ac circuita the ___ is equal to zero.
  7. In an RL series circuita
  8. If the capacitance of mica capacitor is 5 times the capacitcitora then the relative permittivity of…
  9. The reason why alternating current can induce voltage is
  10. In an ac circuit with a resistive branch and an inductive branch in parallela the
  11. How many degrees of phase represents one full cycle?
  12. When two unequal values of resistors are connected in parallel across a dc sourcea greater current flows…
  13. The ratio between the active power and the apparent power of a load in an ac circuit is called
  14. The reactance curve is a plot of frequency versus _____ for a series RLCcircuit
  15. The potential gradient in a cable is maximum in
  16. The charging of a capacitor through a resistance follows what law?
  17. What increases the resistance of wire at high frequencies?
  18. What is the rms value of a square wave?
  19. The area of capacitor plates increases two timesa then its capacitance
  20. Which one of the following elements serves as a protection against overload?
  21. The rms value of a triangular or sawtooth waveform is ___ tim value.
  22. Which of the following does not affect resistance?
  23. A three-by-threea series-parallel matrix of resistorsa all having the same ohmic valuea would have a…
  24. For a carbon composition resistora typical resistance values range from
  25. A real current source has
  26. What is the specific resistance of a pure silicon?
  27. Which statement is true about a passive circuit?
  28. What is the total effective capacitance of two 0.25 F capacitors connected in series?
  29. Which of the following dielectric materials makes the highest-capacitance capacitor?
  30. The reason why electrical appliances are not connected in series.