To achieve AND effect when you are entering criteria in a query design window

A. write criteria values vertically one in a row

B. write criteria values horizontally

C. Write criteria values in same field separated with AND

D. Write criteria values in same field separated with &

You can do it
  1. A database can be best described as
  2. Database Management Systems are featured with:
  3. When entering field name, how many characters you can type in maximum?
  4. A composite key is
  5. Which of the following term is least related to database?
  6. Query design window has two parts. The upper part shows
  7. To duplicate a controls formatting you can use___
  8. In table design view, which key can be used to switch between the field names and properties panels?
  9. Which of the following is not a database object in MS Access?
  10. The complete information about an entity in a database is called
  11. This data type allows alphanumeric characters and special symbols.
  12. To achieve AND effect when you are entering criteria in a query design window
  13. Which of the following database object hold data?
  14. What happens when you release mouse pointer after you drop the primary key of a table into foreign key…
  15. We can remove a relationship defined between two tables by
  16. To create primary key for a table when in design view
  17. The size of Yes No field is always
  18. Which is not a view to display a table in Access?
  19. This is the stage in database design where one gathers and lists all the necessary fields for the database…
  20. An Access database object that is used to enter, view or edit records
  21. Two tables can be linked with relationship so that the data integrity can be enforced. Where can you…
  22. The database language that allows you to access or maintain data in a database
  23. To sort records in a table
  24. The size of a field with Number data type can not be
  25. Which of the following expresses correct order?
  26. This option allows you to build a new table by entering data directly into the datasheet.
  27. Which of the following statement is true?
  28. Which field type can store photos?
  29. Which of the following creates a drop down list of values to choose from a list?
  30. Queries in Access can be used as