To change font size of a selected slide title, you:

A. Click the toolbars Font dropdown arrow and choose the font you prefer

B. Click Format, Title and choose a font from the font tab

C. Click the toolbars Increase Font Size button

D. Click Title, New Font, OK

You can do it
  1. Which of the following is not an option when printing handouts?
  2. What are symbols used to identify items in a list?
  3. Which of the following can you use to add times to the slides in a presentation?
  4. How would you create the following diagram in PowerPoint
  5. Presentation designs regulate the formatting and layout for the slide and are commonly called
  6. A File which contains readymade styles that can be used for a presentation is called __ ?
  7. The difference between Slide Design and Auto Content Wizard is
  8. You can embed a Microsoft Word tale in a slide by
  9. If you select Insert >> Picture >> From File
  10. What is a trigger, in context of animations ?
  11. Which of the following statement is false?
  12. Which of the following should you use if you want all the slides in the presentation to have the same…
  13. Whats the best way to design the layout for your slides?
  14. Ellipse Motion is a predefined ......
  15. You can embed a MS-Organization Chart in a slide by
  16. Which tab is not available on left panel when you open a presentation?
  17. Which short cut key inserts a new slide in current presentation?
  18. The Microsoft clip gallery allows you to
  19. The view that displays the slides of a presentation as miniature representations of the slides is called
  20. Which of the following you must first complete in order to delete an object?
  21. Auto clip art is a feature that
  22. Auto clipart is a feature that
  23. Which of the following toolbars provides different options in various master views?
  24. What PowerPoint feature will you use to apply motion effects to different objects of a slide?
  25. Which of the following pane is not available in Task Pane?
  26. Which of the following tool enables you to add text to a slide without using the standard placeholders?
  27. Which of the following font effect is not available in PowerPoint Font dialog box?
  28. What is the term used when a clip art image changes the direction of faces?
  29. Whats the best place to find animated images for your PowerPoint 2002 presentation?
  30. What is the name of the form used to input chart values?