To get Auto contrast option in Photoshop

A. Filter Menu

B. Image>Adjustment

C. File Menu

D. None of the above

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  1. Raster Graphic consists with Pixels.
  2. If any editor save a selection, it takes the name
  3. b) We use Lasso Tool for selection, is it true?
  4. To get Feather option in Photoshop.
  5. We can add Layer effect in a text
  6. We can extract a part of an image without the help of any kind of Marquee or Lasso tool
  7. To get Stroke option in Photoshop, we have to select
  8. The keyboard shortcut of duplicate layer is
  9. We can see the individual channels in their respective color
  10. The Keyboard shortcut for layer option is
  11. We can copy the Layer effects to another layer
  12. In Photoshop, we can leave information for another by recording it
  13. In a grayscale image we get maximum _______ shades of color.
  14. For printing purpose, the resolution should be
  15. GIF does not support background transparency.
  16. How many type of Marquee Tool are there in Photoshop?
  17. The default size of a web banner is___________*__________
  18. To get Auto contrast option in Photoshop
  19. We can change Color balance, Tone balance and Purity of color from
  20. We use Dodge Tool to ___________________ the area of image.
  21. The Keyboard shortcut of swap foreground and background color is
  22. Image > Mode > 16 bit is activated, when
  23. The selections are saved as
  24. How many Color Modes are there in Photoshop?
  25. By default how many channel Indexed color images are there?
  26. We cannot save any Selection in Photoshop.
  27. We can see the exact print size of an image from ___________ option from __________ menu.
  28. How many type of Marquee Tool are there in Photoshop?
  29. The smallest part of a displayed bitmapped image is
  30. By using Photoshop, we can make a static Web site