To insert a new slide in the current presentation, we can choose

A. Ctrl + M

B. Ctrl + N

C. Ctrl + O

D. Ctrl + F

You can do it
  1. One thing the common tasks button allows you to do is
  2. Presentation designs regulate the formatting and layout for the slide and are commonly called
  3. What is a trigger, in context of animations ?
  4. What will happen if you release the mouse button before releasing the shift key when you draw a square?
  5. To edit the text within the boxes of an organization chart, you
  6. To select all the boxes of an organization chart
  7. Which of the following statements is not true?
  8. Which of the following provides a printed copy of your presentation?
  9. To exit the PowerPoint
  10. Which of the following statement is true
  11. A new presentation can be created from
  12. We can replace a font on all sides with another font using the...... option
  13. What is the term used when a clip art image changes the direction it faces?
  14. Which of the following views is the best view to use when setting transition effects for all slides…
  15. The size of an organization chart object
  16. Objects on the slide that hold text are called
  17. The toolbars that are displayed by default in the PowerPoint window includes
  18. How can we view slide show repeated continuously ?
  19. Which option can be used to set custom timings for slides in a presentation ?
  20. Which of the following options changes the fill color of an object back to the default color?
  21. In Microsoft PowerPoint, two kinds of sound effects files that can be added to the presentation are
  22. Press animation effects allows you to
  23. What is the name of the form used to input chart values?
  24. What are lines, curve, freeform, and scribble?
  25. The spelling dialog box can be involved by choosing spelling from ____ menu.
  26. The difference between Slide Design and Auto Content Wizard is
  27. What is the term used when a clip art image changes the direction of faces?
  28. In a PowerPoint presentation
  29. To adjust the width of table columns, you
  30. Block arrows, stars and banners, and callouts are all examples of