To select a block of text, click at the beginning of the selection, scroll to the end of the selection, position the mouse pointer at the end of the selection, hold down the _____ key, and then click (or drag through the text).

A. ctrl

B. alt

C. shift

D. tab

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  1. To use your keyboard instead of the mouse to select tools on the ribbon, you display the KeyTips by…
  2. Selecting text means, selecting?
  3. To undo the last work, press ..
  4. What is the shortcut-key for manual line break?
  5. When you want to view different parts of a document without moving the insertion point.
  6. In Word, the default alignment for paragraphs is _____.
  7. What is the function of CTRL+R in MS-Word
  8. To instruct Word to stop bulleting paragraphs, do any of the following except _____.
  9. A template stores:
  10. Which key should be pressed to start a new paragraph in MS-Word?
  11. Which of these toolbars allows changing of Fonts and their sizes?
  12. We can insert maximum number of columns in Ms Word are ...
  13. Columns dialog box can be opened from
  14. Which of the following helps to reduce spelling error in the document?
  15. To autofit the width of column
  16. How can you remove tab stop markers from ruler?
  17. Suppose you wanted to create an AutoCorrect entry that would type the words We regret to inform you…
  18. End Key is used to
  19. Which enables us to send the same letter to different persons?
  20. How can you access the font size tool on formatting toolbar?
  21. How can you make the selected character superscripted?
  22. Which of the following position is not available for fonts on MS Word?
  23. What do you mean by vertical separation between columns?
  24. To update a formula in a table, press the
  25. From where you can access Save command?
  26. Which of the following is not available in Font Spacing?
  27. Word has Web authoring tools allow you to incorporate _____ on Web pages.
  28. Background color on a document is not visible in ?
  29. MS-Word automatically moves the text to the next line when it reaches the right edge of the screen and…
  30. Which menu in MSWord can be used to change character size and typeface?