Trypanosoma is transmitted by

A. contamination

B. kissing

C. contagination

D. inoculation

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  1. Process of reconstitution of nuclei in a single paramecium without fusion of gametic nuclei is
  2. In a Paramecium, the trichocysts are used for
  3. The path followed by a food vacuole in Paramecium is referred to as
  4. Which of the following organelles are associated with defence in Protozoans ?
  5. The cell anus in some protozoans known as
  6. Method of food intake in Paramecium is
  7. In an electric field, the Paramecium moves
  8. The micronucleus in Paramecium is concerried with
  9. According to Whittaker's system of classification, all the living organisms are classifed into 5 kingdoms…
  10. Malarial parasites could best be obtained from a patient
  11. The cysts of E.histolytica develop in an infected individual in the
  12. The function of neuro-motor system of Paramecium is
  13. The trophozoite of Entamoeba histolytica reproduces by
  14. The number of daughter paramecia produced following conjugation is
  15. Sporogony of malaria parasite occurs in
  16. A food vacuole develops in Paramecium at the distal end of
  17. Amoebiasis is caused by
  18. Kala-azar is a disease caused by
  19. A liver biopsy of a patient suffering from amoebic hepatic abscess would demonstrate the presence of
  20. The type of pseudopodia found in Amoeba are
  21. The ecological niche of Entamoeba histolytica is
  22. The only stage of malarial parasite that can survive in the stomach of mosquito is
  23. Amoeba secretes digestive enzymes to hydrolyse
  24. When the causes ot malaria was not known, it was supposed to be cuased by
  25. African sleeping sickness or Gambiense fever is caused by
  26. When kerosene is sprayed on the stagnant water wherein the larvae of Anopheles develop, it
  27. Which day is celebrated as Malaria day ?
  28. The life cycle of Plasmodium in human blood is called
  29. The oriental sores in human skin are caused by
  30. All stages in the life cycle of malarial parasite are haploid except