Trypanosoma is transmitted by

A. contamination

B. kissing

C. contagination

D. inoculation

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  1. African sleeping sickness or Gambiense fever is caused by
  2. Process of reconstitution of nuclei in a single paramecium without fusion of gametic nuclei is
  3. Treatment of the infection by malarial parasite in the principal host is studied under
  4. Malaria is a disease transmitted by the bite of
  5. The micronucleus in Paramecium is concerried with
  6. The sexual phase of life cycle of Plasmodium is completed in
  7. Trypanosoma shows the phenomenon of
  8. If an Amoeba is placed in salt water, its contractile vacuole will
  9. The type of pseudopodia found in Amoeba are
  10. The rossette stage in lif^ cycle of Plasmodium is found in
  11. Ingestion of some water with food in Amoeba takes place by the process of
  12. The disease caused by Entamoeba gingimlis is transmitted by
  13. Mapacrine and Paludrine drugs are used for
  14. Entamoeba gingivalis is a parasite in the
  15. Entamoeba differs from Amoeba in not having
  16. In the life cycle of Plasmodium, man is the
  17. Gametocytes of Plasmodium are produced in the
  18. Highly polypoid meganucleus is present in
  19. A digenic protozoan parasite is
  20. Locomotory organelles in the parasitic protozoa of class sporozoa are
  21. n Amoeba, when transferred from pond water to distilled water, forms
  22. The trophozoite of Plasmodium lives in
  23. Nuclear dimorphism is observed in
  24. The shivering, a characteristic symptom of malaria, occurs when
  25. Amoeba secretes digestive enzymes to hydrolyse
  26. A food vacuole develops in Paramecium at the distal end of
  27. Sporozoites of Plasmodium vivax are produced from
  28. Which of the following organelles are associated with defence in Protozoans ?
  29. Incubation period of Plasmodium vwax is about
  30. The oriental sores in human skin are caused by