Unit of measurements in CorelDRAW can be in Kilometers

A. True

B. False

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  1. The Interactive Blend tool lets you blend objects by clicking and dragging the mouse.
  2. The shortcut key of Contour is
  3. In CorelDraw the keyboard shortcut of Break Apart is _________.
  4. We get Envelope Rollup to press Ctrl + F8.
  5. We can create customized menu bar in CorelDRAW.
  6. In CorelDraw the keyboard shortcut of Shape tool is F11.
  7. The default Paper Type/Size in CorelDraw is ___________.
  8. Envelope option is not available in case of Paragraph text in CorelDraw.
  9. Cloning in CorelDRAW is same as duplicating.
  10. The default extension of a CorelDRAW file is ______.
  11. In CorelDraw we can preview selected object.
  12. We cannot edit an object even after placing it within a container.
  13. CorelDRAW is a product of Adobe.
  14. The Auto Reduce option is used to reduce number of unwanted nodes.
  15. The shortcut key of Combine is
  16. In CorelDraw we convert a color bitmap into Grayscale
  17. Vector graphics Images are stored as algebraic equations defining the various lines and curves of the…
  18. We cannot set Zero loc in CorelDraw
  19. We can create customized menu bar in CorelDraw.
  20. The shortcut key of Snap to Grid in CorelDraw is Ctrl+G
  21. The shortcut key to open a new file in CorelDRAW is _______.
  22. We can set different Undo Level for Bitmap Effects.
  23. Convert to Curve option is under Layout Menu
  24. In CorelDraw Lens effects can be applied to almost any closed shape.
  25. The shortcut key of Align and Distribute is Ctrl+A in CorelDraw.
  26. The shortcut key to open Scale and Mirror dialog box.
  27. We can view Postscript Fill in only Simple Wireframe.
  28. The shortcut key of Extrude is
  29. We can export AI files from CorelDraw.
  30. The shortcut key to Rotate dialog box.