We cal delete any channel from channel option

A. True

B. False

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  1. For printing purpose, we use CMYK color model
  2. ________________ means purity of color
  3. By default how many channel Indexed color images are there?
  4. Which one lets you isolate and protect areas of an image as you apply color changes, filters or other…
  5. We can make the edges smooth of an curved image by selecting
  6. In a grayscale image we get a maximum of _____ shades of color?
  7. We cannot save any Selection in Photoshop.
  8. We can extract a part of an image without the help of any kind of Marquee or Lasso tool
  9. a) How many types of Gradient are there in Photoshop?
  10. Liquify is a Filter.
  11. We can create a printable vector object in Photoshop, though it is a Bitmap software by
  12. The keyboard shortcut to make a new layer is
  13. Raster Graphic consists of Pixels.
  14. Luminance means brightness of color.
  15. __________________ option give us the information of color etc. of an image.
  16. We can find Variation option under Filter menu in Photoshop.
  17. For printing purpose, the resolution should be
  18. We can change width or height or resolution of an image respective of other two at a time by
  19. We cal delete any channel from channel option
  20. Which one is the range of colors that a color system can display or print?
  21. Grayscale image supports only 8 bit color
  22. How many maximum steps we can undo in Photoshop?
  23. If any editor save a selection, it takes the name
  24. The range of feather is
  25. We can change Color balance, Tone balance and Purity of color from
  26. The Keyboard shortcut default foreground and background color is
  27. How many type of Marquee Tool are there in Photoshop?
  28. In a grayscale image we get maximum _______ shades of color.
  29. The default size of a web banner is___________*__________
  30. We can record any action in the canvas