We can add Layer effect in a text

A. True

B. False

You can do it
  1. To get Feather option in Photoshop.
  2. We can find Variation option under Filter menu in Photoshop.
  3. The default size of a web banner is___________*__________
  4. To get Auto contrast option in Photoshop, we have to select
  5. We can create a printable vector object in Photoshop, though it is a Bitmap software by
  6. In Photoshop, maximum how many alpha channels can create in an image?
  7. GIF stands for
  8. We can get "Export transparent Image" from
  9. By default how many channel Indexed color images are there?
  10. b) We use Lasso Tool for selection, is it true?
  11. To get Auto contrast option in Photoshop
  12. With the help of Text warp option, we can change the style of a text
  13. Blurs edges by building a transition boundary between the selection and its surrounding pixels is known…
  14. To get Stroke option in Photoshop, we have to select
  15. In a grayscale image we get maximum _______ shades of color.
  16. We can colorize a Grayscale image
  17. The smallest part of a displayed bitmapped image is
  18. a) How many types of Gradient are there in Photoshop?
  19. The default color mode of Photoshop is CMYK.
  20. Luminance means brightness of color.
  21. __________________ option give us the information of color etc. of an image.
  22. We can zoom in/out from navigator option
  23. We can add Layer effect in a text
  24. Grayscale image supports only 8 bit color
  25. We use Dodge Tool to ___________________ the area of image.
  26. Raster Graphic consists of Pixels.
  27. How many selection tools are there in Photoshop?
  28. To get Auto contrast option in Photoshop, select
  29. The Keyboard shortcut for layer option is
  30. For printing purpose, the resolution should be