Web cam is an

A. input unit device

B. output unit device

C. processing device

D. Input and Output device

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  1. Which of the following is not a storage medium?
  2. Which of the following is a storage device?
  3. A program that is employed in the development, repair or enhancement of other programs is known as
  4. ASCII and EBCDIC are the popular character coding systems.What does EBCDIC stand for?
  5. Which of the following programming language started from second generation?
  6. Who designed the first electronics computer ? ENIAC/
  7. ________printer is the cheapest in terms of price and operating cost
  8. Which of the following is correct full form of BCD?
  9. Who invented punched cards?
  10. Who is credited with the idea of using punch cards to control patterns in a waving machine?
  11. Which of the following is the most powerful computers?
  12. CAD stands for
  13. A computer Program that translates one program instruction at a time into machine language is called…
  14. Which unit converts computer data into human readable form?
  15. The notable features like keyboards, monitors, GUI were developed in
  16. A floppy disk contains
  17. 1 nibble equals to
  18. In most IBM PCs, the CPU, the device drives, memory expansion slots and active components are mounted…
  19. To prevent the loss of data during power failures, use a(n):
  20. Analog computer works on the supply of
  21. Which of the following memory medium is not used as main memory system?
  22. A language which is close to that used within the computer is
  23. People often call as the brain of computer system
  24. The two kinds of main memory are:
  25. An error in software or hardware is called a bug. What is the alternative computer jargon for it?
  26. In 1830, Charles Babbage designed a machine called the Analytical Engine which he showed at the Paris…
  27. What is the name of the display feature that highlights are of the screen which requires operator attention?
  28. In the third Generation of computers
  29. Who is the inventor of ABC Computer?
  30. When creating a computer program, the ________ designs the structure of the program