What is a disjoint less constraint?

A. It requires that an entity belongs to no more than one level entity set.

B. The same entity may belong to more than one level.

C. The database must contain an unmatched foreign key value.

D. An entity can be joined with another entity in the same level entity set.

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  1. DFD stands for
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  3. SQL server stores index information in the _____system table
  4. What is a disjoint less constraint?
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  6. Which of the following is not a consequence of concurrent operations?
  7. HSAM stands for .
  8. A _____ is used to define overall design of the database
  9. The middleware databases in which the business rules act are applicable to _______ tier architectures
  10. Data items grouped together for storage purposes are called a
  11. Grant and revoke are _____ statements.
  12. approach reduces time and effort required for design and lesser risk in database management.
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  15. The language that requires a user to specify the data to be retrieved without specifying exactly how…
  16. Shadow paging has
  17. E-R Modeling is achieved by using ____ diagrams
  18. ______is a preferred method for enforcing data integrity
  19. Which of the following statement on the view concept in SQL is invalid?
  20. ______contains information that defines valid values that are stored in a column or data type.
  21. Relationships among relationships can be represented in an-E-R model using
  22. An outstanding functionality of SQL is its support for automatic_____ to the target data.
  23. The metadata is created by the
  24. What are the desirable properties of a decomposition
  25. Relational Algebra does not have
  26. The one guideline to be followed while designing the database is
  27. Which of the following is not a property of transactions?
  28. The fact that information in the data warehouse changes far less often and may be regarded as non-real-time…
  29. A ______ module is typically designed so that it will run on a user workstation or personal computer.
  30. operator is used to compare a value to a list of literals values that have been specified.