What is the diameter of an atom?

A. About 10^-10 m

B. About 10^-10 cm

C. About 10^-10 mm

D. About 10^-10 m

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  1. What is the SI unit of conductance?
  2. The magnetic field of a magnetized iron bar when strongly heated
  3. The force of attraction or repulsion between two magnetic poles is inversely proportional to the square…
  4. The B-H curve for ________ is a straight line passing through the origin.
  5. A negative ion results when an atom gains an additional
  6. The ability of a mechanically stressed ferromagnetic wire to recognize rapid switching of magnetization…
  7. Who demonstrated the theory of electromagnetic induction in 1831?
  8. What is the SI unit of reluctance?
  9. Electric field intensity is measured in
  10. Magnetic fields do not interact with
  11. A law relating between the magnetic and electric susceptibilities and the absolute temperatures which…
  12. If on looking at any one end of a solenoid; the direction of current flow is found to be clockwise then…
  13. What is the cgs unit of magnetomotive force?
  14. What determines the atomic number of an element?
  15. Which of the following is a diamagnetic material?
  16. When the ferromagnetic substance is inserted in a current- carrying solenoida the magnetic field is
  17. The force between two magnetic poles is _____ their poles strength.
  18. An alloy of 40 percent iron and 60 percent nickel.
  19. The emf produced in a wire by its motion across a magnetic field does not depend upon the
  20. The quantity 10^6 maxwells is equivalent to one
  21. The force between two charges placed a given distance apart ______ as the relative permittivity of the…
  22. Defined as the number of lines per unit area through any substance in a plane at right angles to the…
  23. The phenomenon by which a subtracts pieces of iron
  24. If the number of valence electrons of an atom is exactly 4a then the substance is called
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    When the current flowsa the magnetic field . conductor is in what direction?
  26. The temperature coefficient of resistance of eureka is
  27. The electric potential across part AB of a circuit is 5 V; point A being at higher potential. If a charge…
  28. The electrons in the last orbit of an atom are called _______ electrons.
  29. One of the common application of an air- cored choke.
  30. The magnetic flux of 2000 lines is how many Maxwells?