What is the time constant for L of 240 mH in series with R of 20 ?

A. 12 ms

B. 4.8 s

C. 83.3 s

D. 12 s

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  1. When the temperature of copper wire is increased its resistance is
  2. Barium-strontium titanite dielectric material is also called
  3. What is expected when two 20 k a 1 watt resistor in parallel are use instead of one 10 k a 1 watt?
  4. What is the specific resistance of a pure germanium?
  5. At what frequency will an inductor of 5mH have the same reactance as a capacitor of 0.1 F?
  6. What is the hot resistance of a 100 Wa 220 V incandescent lamp?
  7. What rating of a resistor determines its ability to absorb heat?
  8. What increases the resistance of wire at high frequencies?
  9. What is the half-power bandwidth of a parallel resonant circuit which has a resonant frequency of 3.6…
  10. Leakage resistance in a capacitor results into
  11. Two complex numbers or phasors are said to be conjugate if they
  12. VL= VCin a series RLCcircuit when
  13. As applied to a series RLCcircuita bandwidth means
  14. The arc across a switch when it open an RL circuit is a result of the
  15. When capacitors are connected in seriesa the total capacitance is
  16. When capacitors are connected in parallela the total capacitance is
  17. In liquids and gasesa ionization current results from a flow of
  18. A circuit whose parameters change with voltage or current.
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  20. The admittance of a parallel RLC circuit is found to be the ___ sum of conductance and susceptances.
  21. For a series circuita the higher the quality factor
  22. What is the reciprocal of quality factor?
  23. For a parallel ACcircuita ___ is used as a reference phasor.
  24. What is the rms value of a square wave?
  25. A three-by-threea series-parallel matrix of resistorsa all having the same ohmic valuea would have a…
  26. If two equal resistances connected in series across a certain supply are now connected in parallel across…
  27. For maximum power transfera what is the relation between load resistance RL and internal resistance…
  28. When two in-phase sine waves that have identical frequency and amplitude are added togethera then the…
  29. A real current source has
  30. In calculating maximum instantaneous power ___ voltage or current is used.