What is the value of a carbon composition resistor with the following color code: Browna whitea orangea red

A. 190 ; 10 %

B. 19 k ; 2 %

C. 19 k ; 20 %

D. 1.9 k ; 2 %

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  1. What is the resonant frequency of a circuit when L of 25 microhenrys and C of 10 picofarads are in parallel?
  2. For a series ACcircuita ___ is not used as a reference phasor.
  3. Which of the following is not considered a physical factor affecting resistance?
  4. In an ac wavea 30 degrees of phase is ___ of a cycle.
  5. Conventional flow assumes charges flow from
  6. The ratio of maximum value to the effective value of an alternating quantity is called
  7. In a complex number 5 + j 10a 10 is called ___ part.
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    Nortons theorem is ____ Thevenins theorem.
  9. Another term for superconductor.
  10. An ac series circuit is composed of a resistance of 20 a inductive reactance of 40 a and a capacitive…
  11. When two complex conjugates are subtracteda the result is a
  12. In a multiple capacitora the plate area is
  13. The internal resistance of an ideal voltage source is
  14. An open resistor when checked with an ohmmeter reads
  15. The result of rust in electrical (wire) connection is
  16. How many degrees of phase represents one full cycle?
  17. What is the reading of an ohmmeter for a shorted capacitor?
  18. The unit of elastance is
  19. What is the half-power bandwidth of a parallel resonant circuit which has a resonant frequency of 3.6…
  20. The temperature coefficient of resistance of electrolytes is
  21. Which of the following describes the action of a capacitor?
  22. A linear circuit is one whose parameters
  23. The factor 0.707for converting peak to rms applies only to
  24. In a circuita an active element is one which
  25. What is the other name of relative permittivity?
  26. Which of the following capacitors are used only in dc circuits?
  27. When the movable plates of a gang capacitor completely overlap the fixed platesa the capacitance of…
  28. What is the conductance of a circuit having three 10 resistors in parallel?
  29. A trimmer is a variable capacitor in which capacitance is varied by changing the
  30. Which of the following dielectric materials makes the lowest-capacitance capacitor?