What solid has no defined crystal structure except perhaps in the arrangement of the nearest neighboring atoms or ions?

A. Crystalline

B. Amorphous

C. Polycrystalline

D. Poly amorphous

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  1. What is the usual value of leakage coefficient for electrical machines?
  2. A group of magnetically aligned atoms is called
  3. If you hold the conductor with right hand so that the stretched thumb points in the direction of the…
  4. The unit of flux density is
  5. When the relative permeability of a material is slightly more than 1a it is called ______ material.
  6. What is the SI unit of specific resistance or resistivity?
  7. The emf produced in a wire by its motion across a magnetic field does not depend upon the
  8. A magnetic flux of 2.5 x10^4 Wb through an area of 5 x10^4 square meters results in
  9. What revolves about the positive nucleus in a definite orbit?
  10. If two similar charges 1 coulomb each are placed 1 m apart in aira then the force of repulsion is
  11. The mass of proton is __________ the mass of an electron.
  12. What bond is formed when one or more electrons in the outermost energy orbit of an atom are transferred…
  13. The reluctance of a magnetic circuit is not dependent on which of the following?
  14. Referred to as the specific reluctance of a material
  15. The magnitude of the induced emf in a coil is directly proportional to the rate of change of flux linkages.…
  16. A current if flowing east along a power line. If the earth's field is neglecteda the direction of the…
  17. How many neutrons does a copper atom have?
  18. What is used as the dielectric material in high voltage transformers?
  19. An atom or a group of atoms that carries a net electric charge.
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    If the resistance of a material 2 m long and 2 m^2 in area of cross-section is 1.6 10^-8 ?a then its resistivity is
  21. The permeability of permalloy is
  22. The force of attraction or repulsion between two magnetic poles is directly proportional to their strengths.
  23. Which of the following is used by temporary magnets as the magnetic material?
  24. Used to maintain strength of magnetic field
  25. Lenz' law states that the direction of the induced emf and hence current
  26. Who discovereda the relationship between magnetism and electricity that serves as the foundation for…
  27. Magnetic field intensity is a ________ quantity.
  28. All matters (gasa liquid and solid) are composed of
  29. The total number of magnetic lines of force in a magnetic field is called
  30. The core of a transformer heats up when its primary is fed from an ac source because of