What will be the output if you format the cell containing 5436.8 as #,##0.00'?

A. 5430

B. 5436.80

C. 5436.8

D. 6.8

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  1. When integrating word and excel, word is usually the
  2. MS Excel provides the default value for step in Fill Series dialog box
  3. What will be the output if you format the cell containing 5436.8 as #,##0.00'?
  4. Right clicking something in Excel:
  5. Getting data from a cell located in a different sheet is called ......
  6. You can use the drag and drop method to
  7. When a range is selected, how can you activate the previous cell?
  8. When you copy a formula
  9. Which area in an excel window allows entering values and formulas
  10. Text formulas:
  11. How do you select an entire column?
  12. Excel probably considers the cell entry January 1, 2000 to be a
  13. Which of the following is a popular DOS based spreadsheet package?
  14. Concatenation of text can be done using
  15. The numbers in our worksheet look like this: You want them to look like this: $1,000.How can you accomplish…
  16. To select an entire column in MS-EXCEL, press?
  17. The Delete key of keyboard is assigned to which command in Excel?
  18. You can enter which types of data into worksheet cells?
  19. Which of the following Excel screen components can NOT be turned on or off?
  20. Excel files have a default extension of
  21. You want to track the progress of the stock market on a daily basis. Which type of chart should you…
  22. How can you remove borders applied in cells?ACC
  23. How do you wrap the text in a cell?
  24. You can move a sheet from one workbook into new book by
  25. It is acceptable to let long text flow into adjacent cells on a worksheet when
  26. Which is not the function of Edit, Clear command?
  27. If you begin typing an entry into a cell and then realize that you dont want your entry placed into…
  28. How do you display current date only in MS Excel?
  29. You can convert existing excel worksheet data an charts to an HTML document by using
  30. You can use the format painter multiple times before you turn it off by