What would you enter to see the last few commands you entered?

A. show version

B. show commands

C. show previous

D. show history

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  1. What command assigns a User EXEC password to a 2950 switch?
  2. IGRP generates an update every ___________ seconds.
  3. VLSM allows you to summarize __________ back to the class boundary.
  4. Frames sent above the __________ limit will have their _________ bit set.
  5. You have a 24-channel T1 connection to your router. How many VCs does this T1 support?
  6. On the 1900 switch, how do you enter User EXEC mode?
  7. A _________ connects two or more LANs in the same geographic area.
  8. What would you enter to see the last few commands you entered?
  9. Choose the following that a standard IP ACL can match on.
  10. When choosing a dynamic routing protocol, which of the following should not be considered?
  11. You are given a class C network, You need one network with 120 hosts and three networks…
  12. OSPF supports a ________-layer hierarchical design.
  13. Your router is running RIP and OSPF and both routing protocols are learning Which routing…
  14. With a rollover cable, pin 7 on one end is mapped to pin ________ on the other end.
  15. When you have configured PPP on an interface and use the show interfaces command, what state indicates…
  16. A 1924 has _________ Ethernet interfaces.
  17. A ___________ is similar to a telephone circuit-switched connection.
  18. With _________ switching, the switch reads the destination MAC address of the frame andimmediately starts…
  19. A routing protocol will use a _________ to determine which path is the best path.
  20. _________ allows you to create this summarization:
  21. Which of the following is true concerning bridges?
  22. Which command takes you from Privilege EXEC mode to User EXEC mode?
  23. The TCP/IP protocol stack has ________ layers.
  24. Which prompt indicates that you are at User EXEC mode?
  25. OSPF uses __________ as a metric.
  26. You have a total of five routers. ________ circuits are required to fully mesh the network, where every…
  27. You are given a MAC address of 01A2.0482.FE12. What is the OUI value in binary?
  28. The slot number of a 1900's Fast Ethernet uplink ports is ________.
  29. You are given a class C network, You need three networks with 60 hosts and two networks…
  30. You are given the following addressing information: What type of address is this?