When a row of data is to be converted into columns

A. Copy the cells in row, select the same number of cells in row and paste

B. Copy the cells in column then choose Edit >> Paste Special, then click Transpose and OK

C. Copy the cells then go to Format >> Cells then on Alignment tab click Transpose check box and click OK

D. Select the cells then place the cell pointer on new cell and choose Edit >> Paste Special, mark Transpose check box and click OK

You can do it
  1. Getting data from a cell located in a different sheet is called ......
  2. The name box
  3. To copy formatting from one area in a worksheet and apply it to another area you would use:
  4. Which of the cell pointer indicates that you can fill series?
  5. To create a formula, you can use:
  6. How can you find specific information in a list?
  7. Excel worksheet cells work very similarly to what common element of the windows graphical user interface
  8. You can set Page Border in Excel from
  9. How can you delete a record?
  10. What do you call the chart that shows the proportions of how one or more data elements relate to another…
  11. How can you update the values of formula cells if Auto Calculate mode of Excel is disabled?
  12. You can select a single range of cells by
  13. When you copy a formula
  14. Which would you choose to create a bar diagram?
  15. Rounding errors can occur
  16. Status indicators are located on the
  17. Which menu option can be used to split windows into two?
  18. The Chart wizard term data categories refers to;
  19. Which of the following is an absolute cell reference?
  20. Microsoft Excel is a powerful ...........
  21. To copy cell contents using drag and drop press the
  22. Which of the following you can paste selectively using Paste Special command?
  23. Which elements of a worksheet can be protected from accidental modification?
  24. You can use the drag and drop method to
  25. When you want to insert a blank imbedded excel object in a word document you can
  26. Excel probably considers the cell entry January 1, 2000 to be a
  27. To save a workbook, you:
  28. How do you select an entire column?
  29. The command Edit >> Fill Across Worksheet is active only when
  30. Excel files have a default extension of