When a wire loop is rotated in a magnetic field the direction of the induced emf changes one in every _______ revolution



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  1. Refers to the non- metallic materials that have the ferromagnetic properties of iron.
  2. Why is it that the magnitude of magnetomotive force required for air gap is much greater than that required…
  3. How many electrons are needed in the valence orbit to give a material's stability?
  4. The temperature coefficient of resistance of a conductor ______ with an increase in temperature.
  5. Flux linkages equals
  6. What is used as the insulating material or dielectric in an electric ion
  7. A magnetic circuit carries a flux iin the iron part and a fluxgin the air gap. What is the leakage coefficient?
  8. Defined as the number of lines per unit area through any substance in a plane at right angles to the…
  9. If the value of 25 of a conductor is 1/230 per oCa then the value of 0is
  10. Whenever a flux inking a coil or current changesa an emf is induced in it. This is known as
  11. The reluctance of the magnetic circuit is ________ relative permeability of the material comprising…
  12. The magnetic field of a magnetized iron bar when strongly heated
  13. The physical motion resulting from the forces of magnetic fields is called
  14. The temperature coefficient of resistance of conductors is
  15. Which of the following magnetic materials can be easily magnetized in both direction?
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    A magnetic pole produces 5000 field lines. How much is the flux in webers? A. 50 10^-6
  17. Small voltages generated by a conductor with current in an external magnetic field.
  18. The simplest type of atom to exist is the ______ atom.
  19. Hydrogen is an example of a _____ material.
  20. What is the reluctance of a magnetic path having a length of 2x 10^-3m and crosssectional area of 2.5…
  21. Under ordinary conditionsa a body is considered
  22. Amorphous solid is also called
  23. The idea of preventing one component from affecting another through their common electric and magnetic…
  24. It is the reciprocal of reluctance and implies the case of readiness with which magnetic flux is developed.
  25. An atom or a group of atoms that carries a net electric charge.
  26. The amount of magnetizing force to counter balance the resid magnetic material is referred to as
  27. Temporary magnets are commonly employed in
  28. If the right handed bottle-opener cork screw is assumed to be along the conductor so as to advance in…
  29. What is the measure of the density and sign of the electric charge at a point relative to that at some…
  30. The force of attraction or repulsion between two magnetic poles is directly proportional to their strengths.