When the formula bar is active, you can see

A. The edit formula button

B. The cancel button

C. The enter button

D. All of the above

You can do it
  1. When integrating word and excel, word is usually the
  2. To create a formula, you can use:
  3. What do you call the chart that shows the proportions of how one or more data elements relate to another…
  4. To activate the previous cell in a pre-selected range, press
  5. Text formulas:
  6. Which of the following is invalid statement?
  7. Without using the mouse or the arrow keys, what is the fastest way of getting to cell A1 in a spreadsheet?
  8. Which of the following you can paste selectively using Paste Special command?
  9. The short cut key Ctrl + R is used in Excel to
  10. What are the tabs that appear at the bottom of each workbook called?
  11. Which function is not available in the Consolidate dialog box?
  12. Which tool you will use to join some cells and place the content at the middle of joined cell?
  13. When a row of data is to be converted into columns
  14. Microsoft Excel is a powerful ...........
  15. The Chart wizard term data categories refers to;
  16. Which area in an Excel window allows entering values and formulas?
  17. Which elements of worksheet can be protected from accidental modification
  18. You want to track the progress of the stock market on a daily basis. Which type of chart should you…
  19. Status indicators are located on the
  20. In EXCEL, you can sum a large range of data by simply selecting a tool button called .....?
  21. Which of the following is not a valid data type in excel
  22. How can you show or hide the gridlines in Excel Worksheet?
  23. You can move a sheet from one workbook into new book by
  24. Which would you choose to create a bar diagram?
  25. Rounding errors can occur
  26. In the formula, which symbol specifies the fixed columns or rows?
  27. You can set Page Border in Excel from
  28. How many worksheets can a workbook have?
  29. Which of the following option is not available in Paste Special dialog box?
  30. The Delete key of keyboard is assigned to which command in Excel?