When typing in Preeti font all the Ukars turn to something else? Whats the cause?

A. Autotext

B. Autocorrect

C. Speller

D. Preeti font does not work with Word

You can do it
  1. Gutter position can be set in following positions
  2. How much space in minimum must be provided between columns?
  3. In MS-Word, for what does ruler help?
  4. How can you access the font size tool on formatting toolbar?
  5. End Key is used to
  6. How can you increase the font size of selected text by one point every time?
  7. Which of the following is used to create newspaper style columns?
  8. We can insert maximum number of columns in Ms Word are ...
  9. In MS-Word, for what does ruler help?
  10. Changing the appearance of a document is called
  11. Word has Web authoring tools allow you to incorporate _____ on Web pages.
  12. A table ....
  13. With which view can you see how text and graphics will appear on the printed page?
  14. Typeface option will come under which menu ?
  15. The feature of Word that automatically adjusts the amount of space between certain combination of characters…
  16. Short cut Ctrl + H is used to
  17. To move the cursor page to page of documents.
  18. Which key or key combination will move the insertion point to the bottom of your document?
  19. Text boundary can be displayed or hidden from
  20. Short cut Ctrl + F is used to
  21. Which of the following is not a font style?
  22. From where you can access Save command?
  23. If you want to convert a symbol or several lines of text into an AutoCorrect entry, you should:
  24. The word wrap feature .....
  25. Which of these toolbars allows changing of Fonts and their sizes?
  26. Which of the following position is not available for fonts on MS Word?
  27. How can you remove tab stop markers from ruler?
  28. Which key should be pressed to start a new paragraph in MS-Word?
  29. Short cut Ctrl + P used to
  30. The _____ is a short horizontal line indicating the conclusion of a document.