Which is the highest form?

A. Data

B. Information

C. Knowledge

D. All of above

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  1. IBM System/360 is
  2. The difference between people with access to computers and the Internet and those without this access…
  3. ______ computers are also called personal computers
  4. Which of the following devices have a limitation that we can only store information to it but cannot…
  5. The computer abbreviation KB usually means
  6. The terminal device that functions as a cash register, computer terminal, and OCR reader is the:
  7. ________ are high-end printers
  8. The translator program used in assembly language is called
  9. Machine language is
  10. Which of the following computer is not invented by J.P. Eckert and John Mauchly?
  11. Microprocessors can be used to make
  12. What is the path from which data flow in a computer system is known as
  13. _________ translates and executes program at run time line by line
  14. ________ is the process of dividing the disk into tracks and sectors.
  15. Which of the following is not processing?
  16. The ________ is the amount of data that a storage device can move from the storage medium to the Computer…
  17. The arranging of data in a logical sequence is called
  18. Unwanted repetitious messages, such as unsolicited bulk e-mail is known as
  19. EPROM can be used for
  20. The difference between memory and storage is that memory is _____ and storage is __
  21. Which of the following is not true?
  22. What is the latest write-once optical storage media?
  23. ASCII stands for
  24. WAN stands for
  25. Which of the following magazines covers only the IBM PC and its compatibles?
  26. Who invented Slide Rules?
  27. What was the name of the first commercially available microprocessor chip?
  28. Fifth generation computer is also known as
  29. Father of "C" programming language
  30. Easily reloctable language is