Which key should be pressed to start a new paragraph in MS-Word?

A. Down Cursor Key

B. Enter Key

C. Shift + Enter

D. Ctrl + Enter

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  1. How much space in minimum must be provided between columns?
  2. Page Down Key is used to
  3. Ctrl + Up Arrow is used to
  4. The four types of mail merge main documents are ...
  5. To verify that the note text is positioned correctly on the page, switch to _____ view or display the…
  6. Which language does MS-Word use to create Macros?
  7. Changing the appearance of a document is called
  8. Columns dialog box can be opened from...
  9. Drop Cap means
  10. What is the shortcut-key for manual line break?
  11. Why headers and footers used in MS -Word
  12. How can you apply exactly the same formatting you did to another text?
  13. If you need to double underline a word, how will you do that?
  14. Uppercase on Change Case dialog box and All Caps on Fonts dialog box both converts selected text into…
  15. Which menu in MSWord can be used to change character size and typeface?
  16. How can you increase the font size of selected text by one point every time?
  17. Which key is used to increase left indent?
  18. Which of the following is not a font style?
  19. By pressing F12, which of following will happen ?
  20. Thesaurus tool in MS Word is used for...
  21. Ctrl + Right Arrow is used to
  22. Which of the following is not available on the Ruler of MS Word screen ?
  23. Which of the following is not one of the three Mail Merge Helper steps?
  24. Short cut Ctrl + R is used to
  25. A screen element of MS Word that is usually located below the title bar that provides categorized options…
  26. Which menu in MSWord can be used to change character size and typeface?
  27. In MS Word, Ctrl + W is used for
  28. What is the default number of lines to drop for drop cap?
  29. Ctrl + End is used to
  30. Which of the following option is not available in Insert >> Picture?