Which of the following does not generally affect the value of a capacitor?

A. The dielectric material used

B. The surface area of the plates

C. The thickness of the dielectric

D. The voltage applied to the plate

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  1. In calculating maximum instantaneous power ___ voltage or current is used.
  2. What capacitance exists not through design but simply because two conducting surfaces are relatively…
  3. Refers specifically to steady state values of quantities in ac circuits which are complex numbers.
  4. According to Gauss theorema flux can be equated to
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    Any resistance R in a branch of a network in which a current I is flowing can be replaced by a voltage equal to IR. This states
  6. The reason why alternating current can induce voltage is
  7. What is the cross-sectional are of a conductor whose diameter is 0.001 inch?
  8. Leakage resistance in a capacitor results into
  9. What is the total capacitance of 10 capacitorsa each of 20 F in series?
  10. Effects of capacitance
  11. When capacitors are connected in seriesa the total capacitance is
  12. Conventional flow assumes charges flow from
  13. A 0.09 microfarad capacitor is charged to 220 volts. How long in milliseconds will it discharged resistor…
  14. When two coils of identical reactance are in parallel without mutual inductancea the reactance of the…
  15. A capacitor consists of two
  16. A term used to express the amount of electrical energy stored in electrostatic field.
  17. At parallel resonancea the currents flowing through L and C are
  18. Which statement is true about a passive circuit?
  19. The temperature coefficient of resistance of electrolytes is
  20. And ideal current source has an internal conductance of _____ siem
  21. When two complex conjugates are subtracteda the result is a
  22. Rationalizing the denominator of a complex number means
  23. Which of the following does not generally affect the value of a capacitor?
  24. An open resistor when checked with an ohmmeter reads
  25. For a linear circuita ___ voltage or current is used to calculate average power.
  26. In a circuita a passive element is one which
  27. For greater accuracya the value of phase angle should be determined from
  28. The result of rust in electrical (wire) connection is
  29. Which of the following is not a factor affecting capacitance oor?
  30. When frequency of an ac wave decreasesa the value of XLin a coil