Which of the following formulas will Excel Not be able to calculate?

A. =SUM(Sales)-A3

B. =SUM(A1:A5)*.5

C. =SUM(A1:A5)/(10-10)

D. =SUM(A1:A5)-10

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  1. Concatenation of text can be done using
  2. Getting data from a cell located in a different sheet is called ......
  3. Which of the following is the latest version of Excel
  4. You can activate a cell by
  5. Microsoft Excel is a powerful ...........
  6. To save a workbook, you:
  7. The Delete key of keyboard is assigned to which command in Excel?
  8. The Cancel and Enter buttons appear in the:
  9. Documentation should include
  10. Which of the cell pointer indicates that you can fill series?
  11. How can you remove borders applied in cells?ACC
  12. What does COUNTA () function do?
  13. What is the short cut key to replace a data with another in sheet?
  14. To center worksheet titles across a range of cells, you must
  15. The auto calculate feature
  16. You can auto fit the width of column by
  17. You can copy data or formulas
  18. How can you show or hide the gridlines in Excel Worksheet?
  19. The active cell:
  20. Which area in an excel window allows entering values and formulas
  21. You can check the conditions against __________ when applying conditional formatting
  22. What is the short cut key to highlight the entire column?
  23. Which menu option can be used to split windows into two?
  24. Which language is used to create macros in Excel?
  25. How can you delete a record?
  26. How do you select an entire column?
  27. When you link data maintained in an excel workbook to a word document
  28. Which function is used to calculate depreciation, rates of return, future values and loan payment amounts?
  29. When a label is too long to fit within a worksheet cell, you typically must
  30. Which is not the function of Edit, Clear command?