Which of the following is a storage device?

A. Tape

B. Hard Disk

C. Floppy Disk

D. All of the above

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  1. WAN stands for
  2. A term used to describe interconnected computer configuration is
  3. Digital devices are
  4. Which one is the largest space?
  5. Who is the chief of Microsoft
  6. Which programming languages are classified as low level languages?
  7. In 1999, the Melissa virus was a widely publicised:
  8. Chief component of first generation computer was
  9. Which of the following will happen when data is entered into a memory location?
  10. What do you call the translator which takes assembly language program as input & produce machine language…
  11. Integrated Circuits (ICs) are related to which generation of computers?
  12. Access time is
  13. The output quality of a printer is measured by
  14. Which of the following is/ are operating systems
  15. Bit map terminal
  16. Analog computer works on the supply of
  17. The secondary storage devices can only store data but they cannot perform
  18. The device used to carry digital data on analogue lines is called as
  19. An integrated circuit is
  20. Which of the following is first generation of computer
  21. The purpose of vacuum tube was to NOT act like
  22. Which generation of computer is still under development
  23. ________is defined as any crime completed through the use of computer technology.
  24. A stand-alone system which produces one page of printed output at a time is
  25. A 32 bit microprocessor has the word length equal to
  26. Algorithm and Flow chart help us to
  27. The word length of a computer is measured in
  28. Which of the following require large computers memory?
  29. The personal computer industry was started by
  30. Which of the following is not computer language?