Which of the following is first generation computer?


B. IBM 1401

C. CDC 1604

D. ICL 2950

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  1. Which statement is valid about magnetic tape?
  2. A digital computer did not score over an analog computer in terms of
  3. What is meant by a dedicated computer?
  4. While inserting a diskette into the diskette drive of a PC, the diskette's label side should face
  5. Which of the following is not an electronic computer?
  6. Personnel who design, program, operate and maintain computer equipment refers to
  7. The central processing unit (CPU) consists of
  8. Which of the following storage devices can store maximum amount of data?
  9. What are the three decisions making operations performed by the ALU of a computer?
  10. A program that converts computer data into some code system other than the normal one is known as
  11. The arranging of data in a logical sequence is called
  12. Which one is the largest space?
  13. COBOL is an acronym for________
  14. Which computer was considered the first electronic computer until 1973 when court invalidated the patent?
  15. The difference between memory and storage is that memory is _____ and storage is __
  16. Which is not a comptuer of first generation?
  17. Computer system comprises of major units
  18. An intentionally disruptive program that spreads from program to program or from disk to disk is known…
  19. A kind of scanner MICR is the short form of
  20. When a file is saved for the first time
  21. Second Generation computers were developed during
  22. The radian of a number system
  23. Which statement is valid about interpreter?
  24. Why is it unethical to share copyrighted files with your friends?
  25. A disadvantage of the laser printer is
  26. The lower deck of an abacus is known as
  27. Integrated Circuits (ICs) are related to which generation of computers?
  28. The instructions that tell a computer how to carry out the processing tasks are referred to as computer________
  29. The main electronic component used in first generation computers was
  30. A computer program that converts an entire program into machine language at one time is called a/ an