Which of the following is not a transition effect?

A. Blinks diagonal

B. Dissolve

C. Fade through black

D. Blinds vertical

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  1. The auto shapes tool provides you with
  2. Which PowerPoint view works best for adding slide transitions ?
  3. Which of the following features allows you to view slides in a slide show without manually advancing…
  4. Whats the easy way to apply varied animations to test on slides
  5. Which of the following will not advance the slides in a slide show view?
  6. Which of the following format options should be used to display dollars on an axis?
  7. Want a PowerPoint photo album slide show to play continuously?
  8. An organization has a president, vice president, managers and supervisors. On what level of an organization…
  9. Which of the following toolbars provides different options in various master views?
  10. The view that displays the slides on a presentation as miniature representations of the slides is called
  11. Which menu provides you options like Animation Scheme, custom Animation, Slide Transition?
  12. Which of the following provides a printed copy of your presentation?
  13. Which of the following should you use if you want all the slides in the presentation to have the same…
  14. Which of the following statement is false?
  15. In a PowerPoint presentation
  16. How can you create a uniform appearance by adding a background image to all slides?
  17. Which of the following must be used with the mouse when you want to resize an image from the center…
  18. What is the term used to described the separation of a clip art object into different parts so that…
  19. Which of the following tools enable you to add text to a slide without using the standard placeholders?
  20. The boxes that are displayed to indicate that the text, pictures or objects are placed in it is called…
  21. To insert a hyperlink in a slide
  22. Which PowerPoint view works best for adding slide transitions ?
  23. You can embed a MS-Organization Chart in a slide by
  24. What are lines, curve, freeform, and scribble?
  25. To insert slide numbers
  26. Which of the following provides a means of printing out features notes with a miniature slide on a printed…
  27. Material consisting of text and numbers is best presented as
  28. In order to edit a chart, you can
  29. Which of the following should e used when you want to add a slide to an existing presentation?
  30. If you select Insert >> Picture >> From File