which of the following is problem oriented language?

A. High level language

B. Machine language

C. Assembly language

D. Low level language

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  1. The computer that process both analog and digital is called
  2. Which computer has been designed to be as compact as possible?
  3. ASCII and EBCDIC are the popular character coding systems. What does EBCDIC stand for?
  4. All modern computer operate on
  5. The two kinds of main memory are:
  6. The main electronic component used in first generation computers was
  7. A set of information that defines the status of resources allocated to a process isA) Process control
  8. Which of the following programming language started from second generation?
  9. What is the date when Babbage conceived Analytical engine
  10. IBM stands for
  11. Which of the following is a storage device?
  12. Which of the following IC was used in third generation of computers?
  13. which of the following is problem oriented language?
  14. The accuracy of the floating-point numbers representable in two 16-bit words of a computer is approximately
  15. A term used to describe interconnected computer configuration is
  16. Which of the following are the two main components of the CPU?
  17. Which of the following is used only for data entry and storage, and never for processing?
  18. Programs designed to perform specific tasks is known as
  19. Who is credited with the idea of using punch cards to control patterns in a waving machine?
  20. Switching device of fifth generation computer is________
  21. CAD stands for
  22. One computer that is not considered a portable is
  23. The personnel who deals with the computer and its management put together are called
  24. When was the company named IBM?
  25. Second generation computers were developed during
  26. A computer program that converts an entire program into machine language at one time is called a/an
  27. A register organized to allow to move left or right operations is called a ____
  28. A number that is used to control the form of another number is known as
  29. EPROM can be used for
  30. First generation computers used_____ for memory