Which of the following object is not an ASP component?

A. LinkCounter

B. Counter

C. AdRotator

D. File Access

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  1. _________ is used to write/read into a leaf node
  2. .DirectoryInfo gives information about any Directory
  3. You can specify a function name in
  4. In the Adrotator XML file ________ is used to mention the file to link to
  5. To make a RepeaterControl viewable, the controls ____________ must be edited
  6. You have an image that is clickable and you want a pop-up window to display text that identifies the…
  7. How can you check if the page is visited for the first time
  8. Caching type supported by ASP.Net
  9. Checkboxes have same name and different values while Radio Buttons have the reverse
  10. In ASP.NET, the default method of a form is
  11. HTML elements, HTML server controls and ASP.NET server controls can be used on the same form
  12. One difference between ASP.NET and ASP is that ASP is more structure than ASP.NET
  13. In ___________ records are locked when you start editing.
  14. ______________ creates a read-only recordset that can scroll in any direction.
  15. ____________ enables you to set a particular date when a page should no longer be cached by a browser…
  16. Default scripting language in ASP.
  17. To read an XML file from ASP.NET use
  18. The HTML control that helps to browse a file is
  19. Which of the following tool is used to manage the GAC?
  20. What keyword is necessary to expose a public function as a method of a Web Service?
  21. To pass queries to Crystal Reports use
  22. Web.config file is used...
  23. There can be more than one Global.asax file
  24. To count the number of times an user visited a page, use
  25. A DataSet can be generated from
  26. ____________ enables you to add, modify and delete records and you will see the changes made by other…
  27. ASP.NET can be installed on Windows 98 machine
  28. To open Microsoft Word from ASP.NET page use
  29. The code file for WebForm1.aspx will be ___________
  30. This file stores your web configuration