Which of the following protocols is described in RFC 793?

A. Address Resolution Protocol (ARP)

B. Transmission Control Protocol (TCP)

C. Bootstrap Protocol (BOOTP)

D. User Datagram Protocol (UDP)

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  1. Which of the following is a simplex protocol?
  2. What is the maximum length of twisted-pair cable before a signal booster is needed? Select all that…
  3. Which of the following is the port used by SMTP?
  4. TCP protocol is responsible for logical addressing and delivery of packets.
  5. This mapping of name to IP address is done by .
  6. Which of the following fields holds the packets of several protocols?
  7. Which of the following is the IEEE specification for wireless networks?
  8. You're configuring a dial-up connection to an ISP. Which of the following protocols is used?
  9. _______ Domain name corresponds to US military.
  10. The Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) is described in which of the following?
  11. .is a technique of conversion between the representation of digital data in user equipment and the corresponding…
  12. Which type of connector is used on 10Base2 networks?
  13. Where are routing tables placed?
  14. What does a patch cable connect to within an Ethernet network?
  15. UDP datagram has a header, which is of ________.
  16. Which of the following can support many concurrent B-channel links and one 64 Kbps Dchannel?
  17. What is attenuation?
  18. You have a network card with the connector in question 43, and it also has a 15 pin female connector,…
  19. ------------------- is/ are caused by the random motion of the electrons in a wire and is unavoidable.
  20. ________is a multicast extension to OSPF Version 2.
  21. What can be used in the place of DNS to resolve host names to IP addresses?
  22. Which of the following filed represents the sender of the message in an electronic mail?
  23. What is the default port for Telnet?
  24. Which of the following protocols use a topology table to install routes into the IP routing table?
  25. Which OSI model layer provides for encryption and decryption of data?
  26. In an autonomous system with n areas, how many areas are connected to the backbone?
  27. Which type of connector is used on 10Base2 networks?
  28. What is the default subnet mask for a class A network?
  29. 802.5 project standard defines Token Ring.
  30. ----------------is a static algorithm in which every incoming packet is sent out on every outgoing line…