Which of the following protocols were designed for terminal emulation to connect dissimilar systems?

A. Domain Name System


C. Telnet

D. Control Message Protocol

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  1. Which of the following IP addresses are used by multicast devices?
  2. What is the distance limitation of Cat5 UTP?
  3. TCP protocol is responsible for logical addressing and delivery of packets.
  4. Data Transmission is not a layer in the OSI model
  5. The worldwide Internet is a well-known example of ------------------.
  6. Which is the port used by POP3?
  7. Identify the topology and network type that uses a central hub with cables connected to workstations.
  8. Which directory service is used in Windows 2000 Server?
  9. _____________________ are set up to fulfill service ordering, service assurance, and billing functions.
  10. The key concern in the design of transmission system is -------------- and ---------------
  11. 802.5 project standard defines Token Ring.
  12. Select the class C IP address from the following:
  13. You wish to install a 100BaseT network. What type of cabling will you use?
  14. What is the default port for Telnet?
  15. What is the maximum frame size of a frame relay?
  16. Which of the following is used for testing the data-link connection in a PPP network?
  17. preamble field of 802.3 frames is encoded using ------------------- encoding
  18. Which of the following protocols use a topology table to install routes into the IP routing table?
  19. Pure ALOHA has a maximum throughput of -----------
  20. How many 64-Kbps channels are used on an ISDN BRI?
  21. Thinnet coaxial cable uses what type of connector?
  22. Which of the following request in Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) queries the capabilities of servers?
  23. ________acts as source and destination for IP traffic.
  24. Which of the following protocols is not routable?
  25. Which of the following is a media type that is most susceptible to interference?
  26. Which of the following defines a family of standards for 100 Mbps fiber optic LANs that provides the…
  27. ..combines characteristics of linear bus and star topologies.
  28. The generic domain name for air transport industry is ________.
  29. The Hamming Distance for the codes generated using either even or odd parity will be------------------
  30. This mapping of name to IP address is done by .