Which of the following schemes/programmes is launched to develop rural infrastrucrure in India?

A. MG National Rural Employment Guarantee Act

B. Bharat Nirman

C. Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana

D. Total Sanitation Campaign

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  1. Which of the following terms is used in the field of Economics ?
  2. India shares the longest boundary line with which of the following countries?
  3. R Seshasayee was on 5 June 2015 appointed as the non-executive chairman of?
  4. Who was recently appointed as Chairman and Managing Director of state-run National Fertilizers Ltd (NFL)?
  5. Which State is the largest producer of pulses in India?
  6. Who among the following is the Minister of Foreign Affairs in Union Cabinet at present ?
  7. Which of the following is not the name of a game played at international level ?
  8. The Judges of the High Court are appointed by the :
  9. Which of the following is not grown as a vegetable ?
  10. Which of the following combinations of the States and their Chief Ministers (at present) is not correct?
  11. Who recently won the CEAT Indian Cricketer of the Year award?
  12. Which club recently won record 4th Europa League trophy?
  13. Which of the following is also used to make sugar/jaggery ?
  14. Kolkata-born writer Neel Mukherjee recently won the UK's Encore Award for his novel?
  15. Who was recently appointed as the next Cabinet secretary of the Union government?
  16. Alastair Cook has recently surpassed whose record to become England's leading Test run scorer?
  17. Mr. Nicolas Sarkozy is the present President of
  18. BCCI has recently appointed which former Indian player to coach the India Under-19 and A teams?
  19. Which city in India is set to become the first Indian City to offer Google Street View?
  20. Which bank on 29 May 2015 launched an online customer acquisition solution through which one can apply…
  21. NIN (National Institute of Nutrition) Central Office is located at?
  22. The 50th state of USA?
  23. Which country was the host country for the World Environment Day (WED) 2015?
  24. In which year Bharat Ratna was instituted?
  25. Which state has recently decided to observe 2015-16 as 'Year of Development'?
  26. Which of the following resources is renewable one?
  27. Which of the following is a method of irrigation used in many countries ?
  28. National Consumer day observed every year on _____?
  29. Which of the following statements is correct?
  30. Likud Party is a political organization in?