Which of the following sets belongs to the same class ?

A. Hydra, jelly fish, cray fish

B. Bat, pigeon, whale

C. Spider, scorpion, centipede

D. Whale, otter, kangaroo

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  1. Which of the following is not a part of true body cavity ?
  2. Duck bill platypus is
  3. All worms are mainly
  4. In fishes, lobed fins are found in
  5. Largest animals belong to class
  6. Typhlop is a
  7. The larval forms called bladder worms are characteristic of
  8. Which is the common character between all mammals ?
  9. Whale, monkey and bat have seven cervical vertebrae. Which one has the same number of cervical vertebrae…
  10. Which is a matching set in taxonomy ?
  11. Which of the following is the correct pairing of the classification groups and common example ?
  12. The term "Monera" stands for
  13. Binomial system of nomenclature in classification was divided by Carolus Linnaeus. It provides the names…
  14. Which one of the animals does not have a segmented body ?
  15. Character common in spider, cockroach and centipede is
  16. Diploblastic acoelomate condition is found in
  17. Which one of the following is found in chordates but not in non-chordates
  18. Which of the protozoan is considered as connecting link between animals and plants ?
  19. True coelom appeared first in the course of evolution in
  20. Natural system of classification has the basis of
  21. According / to Whittaker, the five kingdoms into which all living beings are classified are
  22. Tapeworm is placed in class
  23. A spider belongs to class
  24. Which one of the following sets of animals belongs to class cydostomata
  25. Octopus belongs to class
  26. Bony plates are found in addition to scales in
  27. Honey-bees belong to the phylum arthropoda and class
  28. Presence of a vestigeal appendix in man suggests that our forebears were
  29. The most highly advanced character in reptilia is the presence of
  30. Which of the following groups of characters is present in all chordates in some or other stage in their…