Which of the following sets belongs to the same class ?

A. Hydra, jelly fish, cray fish

B. Bat, pigeon, whale

C. Spider, scorpion, centipede

D. Whale, otter, kangaroo

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  1. Which of the following is not a part of true body cavity ?
  2. For finding a haemocoel which animal you will select ?
  3. Diploblastic body with cellular grade of organisation and cellular mesogloea is characteristic of
  4. Taenia, Periplaneta and Pheretima are non-chordates because
  5. A triploblastic animal in which I mesenchyme fills the space between ectoderm and endoderm is
  6. Pheretivia is placed in class
  7. Typhlop is a
  8. The taxonomic unit of any rank/category is known as
  9. Octopus belongs to class
  10. The main basis of classification of Phylum Protozoa is
  11. All mammals have hair, but these are absent in order
  12. Character common in spider, cockroach and centipede is
  13. Amphixous is a marine animal belonging to the sub-phylum
  14. The beak of birds is toothed in
  15. Which of the following have played a part in human evolution, different races adapting to different…
  16. Which of the following is the correct pairing of the classification groups and common example ?
  17. Dolphins are classified under
  18. Sea horse is a
  19. Chief distinguishing features of mammals are
  20. Exclusively marine animals are found in group
  21. Hair of bat and feathers of pigeon are
  22. Which one of the following is a metatherian mammal ?
  23. Segmentation of the body is not represented in
  24. Insects possess
  25. Which is matching set in taxonomy ?
  26. The respiratory organs of crustaceans are
  27. Whale, monkey and bat have seven cervical vertebrae. Which one has the same number of cervical vertebrae…
  28. The main basis of classification of Protozaoa is
  29. Aside from a three chambered heart, reptiles are characterised by the presence of
  30. Sepia is also known as