Which of the following statements is true?

A. Minicomputer works faster than Microcomputer

B. Microcomputer works faster than Minicomputer

C. Speed of both the computers is the same

D. The speeds of both these computers cannot be compared with the speed of advanced

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  1. A computer Program that translates one program instruction at a time into machine language is called…
  2. The time for which a piece of equipment operates is called
  3. Most of the first generation computers were
  4. To locate a data item for storage is
  5. A hybrid computer
  6. A device, which is not connected to CPU, is called as ________
  7. Today's computer giant IBM was earlier known by different name which was changed in 1924. What was that…
  8. What is a light pen?
  9. Which of the following items are examples of storage devices?
  10. The full form of ALU is
  11. What is the first stage in software development?
  12. In which year was chip used inside the computer for the first time?
  13. Which device is required for the Internet connection?
  14. EBCDIC can code up to how many different characters?
  15. What is the date when Babbage conceived Analytical engine
  16. The organization and interconnection of the various components of a computer system is
  17. Which of the following require large computers memory?
  18. Registers, which are partially visible to users and used to hold conditional, are known as
  19. ________ is the key we use to run the selected command.
  20. When was Pascaline invented?
  21. The qualitative or quantitative attribute of a variable or set of variables is termed as
  22. Which is the type of memory for information that does not change on your computer?
  23. What type of device is computer keyboard?
  24. Which of the following are the best units of data on an external storage device?
  25. When we look at the cost, which of the following computer is most expensive?
  26. Integrated Circuits (ICs) are related to which generation of computers?
  27. Select the Odd one
  28. Examples of output devices are
  29. A group of magnetic tapes, videos or terminals usually under the control of one master is
  30. An approach that permits the computer to work on several programs instead of one is