Which of the following use default routes for inter domain routing?

A. Type 2

B. Type 4

C. Type 3

D. Type 1

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  1. --------------- is/are used for error detection.
  2. A router receives an IP packet with source IP address and destination IP address…
  3. The Hamming Distance for the codes generated using either even or odd parity will be------------------
  4. What is the code used for Interpret As Command (IAC)?
  5. Which of the following is currently a de facto standard, commonly used for point-to-point serial connections…
  6. The idea of sharing one network address among the multiple physical networks can be done using the following…
  7. The generic domain name for air transport industry is ________.
  8. To communicate across a TCP/IP network, you must have a DNS server and DNS clients installed.
  9. What does a patch cable connect to within an Ethernet network?
  10. Select the class C IP address from the following:
  11. Identify the topology and network type that uses a central hub with cables connected to workstations.
  12. Which of the following provides the service for any casting?
  13. Twisted-pair cable uses what type of connector?
  14. What are the subnet mask in dotted decimal notation for /20 networks?
  15. Which directory service is used in Windows 2000 Server?
  16. Which of the following protocols is described in RFC 793?
  17. What is the maximum distance of single-mode fiber (SMF)?
  18. Your network has gotten a single class C address but has 300 computers. How can you connect them to…
  19. Which cable type is immune to outside interference and crosstalk?
  20. TCP protocol is responsible for connection-oriented communication
  21. Which type of connector is used on 10Base2 networks?
  22. In the IP address, what does 129.2 specify?
  23. Which of the following are not the standard representations defined by Telnet protocol?
  24. Which of the following can support many concurrent B-channel links and one 64 Kbps Dchannel?
  25. What is the length of MARKER field in BGP message header?
  26. Strings enclosed in _______ quotation marks indicate single tokens.
  27. What is the default subnet mask for a class B network?
  28. Select the standard for token ring using token-passing media access.
  29. Which of the following filed represents the sender of the message in an electronic mail?
  30. Pure ALOHA has a maximum throughput of -----------