Which option can be used to set custom timings for slides in a presentation ?

A. Slider Timer

B. Slider Timings

C. Slide Show Setup

D. Rehearsal

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  1. To make a selection of slides on our presentation, use a different design template from the other slides,…
  2. The size of a table object
  3. To start Microsoft PowerPoint application
  4. In the context of animations, what is a trigger?
  5. To maintain the perspective (height and width ratio) of an object when resizing, you need to
  6. Which command brings you to the first slide in your presentation?
  7. You can embed a MS-Organization Chart in a slide by
  8. Which of the following is the default page setup orientation for notes pages, outlines and handouts?
  9. In order to edit a chart, you can
  10. How to select one hyperlink after another during a slide presentation ?
  11. Which command brings you to the first slide in your presentation?
  12. Presentation designs regulate the formatting and layout for the slide and are commonly called
  13. Which of the following should be used with the mouse when you want to draw a perfect shape?
  14. Which of the following pane is NOT available in Task Pane?
  15. Animation schemes can be applied to...... in the presentation
  16. Which of the following statement is false?
  17. Auto clip art is a feature that
  18. The handout master contains placeholders for all of the following except
  19. Your presentation is ready to go, but you dont know if PowerPoint is installed on the computer, you…
  20. Which of the following bypasses the print dialog box when printing individual slides or an entire presentation?
  21. What is the term used when you press and hold the left mouse key and move the mouse around the slide?
  22. You can edit an embedded organization chart object by
  23. You can show the shortcut menu during the slide show by
  24. Which of the following fill effects can you use for the slide background?
  25. Which of the following method can insert a new slide in current presentation?
  26. How do you add degrees of transparency to shapes such as arrows, so that the slide background shows…
  27. Which of the following provides a means of printing out features notes with a miniature slide on a printed…
  28. The Microsoft clip gallery allows you to
  29. The spelling dialog box can be involved by choosing spelling from ____ menu.
  30. In which menu can you find features like Slide Design, Slide Layout et?