Who discovered that a current-carrying conductor would move when placed in a magnetic field?

A. Michael Faraday

B. Andre Ampere

C. Hans Christian Oersted

D. Gustav Robert Kirchhoff

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  1. Hydrogen is an example of a _____ material.
  2. The B-H curve of ________ is not a straight line.
  3. The core of a transformer heats up when its primary is fed from an ac source because of
  4. When the relative permeability of a material is much greater than 1a it is called _______ material.
  5. Flux density is measured in
  6. Electric potential is a _______ quantity.
  7. If the magnetic material is located within a coil through which alternating current (60 Hz frequency)…
  8. Used to maintain strength of magnetic field
  9. Who discovered superconductivity in 1911?
  10. The energy stored in an electrostatic field or electromagnetic field is called
  11. A law that states that the current in a thermionic diode varies directly with the three- halves power…
  12. A test charge means a charge of
  13. The relative permeability of a magnetic material is 10^5. What is its permeability?
  14. What is used as the dielectric material in high voltage transformers?
  15. What is the SI unit of conductivity?
  16. All magnetic field originates from
  17. The magnetic field of a bar magnet most closely resembles the magnetic field of
  18. Which of the following materials has the highest dielectric strength?
  19. Lenz' law states that the direction of the induced emf and hence current
  20. Who demonstrated that there are magnetic effects around every current-carrying conductor and that current-carrying…
  21. The quantity of magnetism retained by a magnetic material after withdrawal of the magnetizing force…
  22. Who discovereda the relationship between magnetism and electricity that serves as the foundation for…
  23. What is the main advantage of temporary magnets?
  24. Electric field intensity is measured in
  25. A negatively charge body has
  26. The magnetic field of a magnetized iron bar when strongly heated
  27. Under ordinary conditionsa a body is considered
  28. Whenever a conductor cuts magnetic fluxa an emf is induced in it. This is known as
  29. Defined as the number of lines per unit area through any substance in a plane at right angles to the…
  30. A magnetic material losses its ferromagnetic properties at a point called